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Monday, March 29, 2010

Mixed Beers

An interesting combination that you see occasionally in Belgium is the blending of lambic and beer to create a sort of hybrid beer. These are bottled drinks that are blended in a very specific way at the brewery. A person at the Dilwyns brewfirm explained that they do not just pour them together but they are done in specific proportions. 70 beer/30 lambic is one I have seen quoted before. The lambic usually comes from Girardin or Drie Fontainen.

Three relatively available ones are Cuvee de Ranke by De Ranke, Tuverbol from Loterbol, and Vicardin from Dilwyns (brewed at De Proef). I would rate these in that order if pressed. The Cuvee de Ranke uses Girardin to make a very lambic-like brew but one that has a bit of grassy hop character to it. Where the Vicardin falls away is that they blend it with a triple that cannot match the strong taste of the lambic and just comes off as a somewhat weak lambic. The Tuverbol falls somewhere in between these two.

If you have not had any of these before, they are certainly worth a shot to try them.


Claudine and Laura said...

These sound really interesting. I'm going to keep my eye out for the Cuvee de Ranke. Do you think I would find it here?

mikeb said...

I think I've seen it in the NYC area before. New Beer or Whole Foods Bowery would be a start. Only problem could be if it is not shipped regularly and therefore availability might be spotty.