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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Belgian Beer Weekend Wrap-up #1- Pre ZBF

What an amazing few days have just passed. The Zythos Bier Festival (ZBF) was this past weekend and was preceded by the pre-ZBF and the Nacht Van Grote Dorst Lambic fest. The pre-ZBF was an absolutely stellar time with an amazing array of beers from a small selection of unique, adventurous breweries from Belgium, Holland, and the UK. Held in a lovely wooded property south of Brugge it spread over two buildings dating from the 19th century. There was an open wood fireplace amongst the brewery tables and a roving oyster seller.

Highlights were trying two identical russian imperial stouts that were aged in different scotch whisky barrels (one highland and one islay) from Thornbridge in the UK, trying Alvinne's new Cuvee Freddy, sampling De Molen's Fris & Fruitig, and trying two of the hop trilogy beers from Alvinne- Simcoe and Centennial. Another highlight was trying the new 0.5%ABV Nanny State from Scotland's Brewdog, a reaction to the flak they got in the UK from releasing a 32% ABV beer. For a light beer it had an amazing hop aroma.

Next post will be about the Nacht Van Grote Dorst.

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