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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finely Aged Beer At The Kulminator

In the Flemish port city of Antwerp is the classic beer cafe called the Kulminator. A cozy, if somewhat cluttered, candle-filled establishment with plants growing from containers by the windows and classical music wafting through, it opened in the 70s and wears its age well. Its strong point is aged beers and their phenomenal list has many beers from many different vintages. It also has a small but quality draft selection.

After ducking in from a cold driving rain and shedding our wet coats, we decided on a 1998 Rochefort 6 and a 2001 Rodenbach Grand Cru. They both were in good condition and tasted superb, the Rodenbach especially. Like the 2000 Grand Cru from a few posts ago, it had mellowed nicely while keeping a nice sour touch to it. The Rochefort 6 was a bit more alcoholly that a fresh version is but it was a little more rounded.

Kulminator is certainly a place that has to be experienced of you are in Antwerp and you should be sure to take your time with the beer menu as there are so many wonderful choices.

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