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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Grandest Cru for the Winter

Brouwerij Kerkom in Sint Truiden makes a great range of beers and this winter has introduced a new one, the long-named Haspengouwse Grand Cru Winterkoninkske. They had already make a stellar winter beer called Winterkoninkske (the name for the bird we call a wren) but for the Grand Cru they made a much stronger richer version. It is almost pitch black and has a strong roasty, chocolately nose and taste.

The 13% ABV is slightly noticable and ensures that it has the nice warming feeling necessary on cold snowy winter nights. It is fermented with a champagne yeast and is not as heavy in body as it looks. A stunning winter beer.

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Blake said...

I am over at Mugs Alehouse in Bk enjoying a light stopping glass of Sinebrychoff, a Finnish Porter as I watch Finland fall apart in hockey.